Funny saturdays program at Darling Cabaret

darling cabaret-pragueSaturadys in Darling Cabaret mean a parade of breath taking shows. If you want to soak in the cabaret mood before the show starts, you can drop in the Cabaret as soon as at noon. The first item on the line-up is a grand baroque ballet which then switches into an oriental dance performance. Cleopatra and her sexy servants will literally hyptotize you by their sexy hips moving left to right and there and back. The last show till clock strikes midnight is the Magic show, which is full of clever tricks that only the conjurer and his assistants know.

Latex Ballet show gives an idea of how sexy superpower woman would look like in real life. The close fitting latex costumes accent their charms. Surely, not everyone is fond of a lean bodies and would prefer to some soft skin roly-polies moving around – XXL show is something to wait for! Many of the Cabaret attendants fell for LIVE EX show, the Darling Cabaret „must see“. I think everybody knows what to expect. At 1.45 the last ballet show takes place and is tuned in the men’s best spirit theme– whiskey. After the ballet session, the time for something cheeky and provoking comes. Lesbian show is something that a few Cabaret attendants would like to take part in. Not lesser arousing is the following Autoerotic show with a single girl driving men’s sights one way. However, no volunteers are required to join her on the stage. The „grand finale“ is managed by Darling Go Go Dancers. Come and visit Darling Cabaret to take part in a dream-like parade of erotica art.

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