Swingers party at Swingers club Prague

tantric-swingers-club-pragueIf you are tempted by themed events, Tantra swingers club Prague is the place to head for! On Wednesdays we regularly hold an event called Night of stockings when every present girl is obliged to wear nylons. The type and style of the stockings is only up to you so, if you are creative enough to come up with a really original model, do it! It doesn’t matter if you’ll stick to conventional nylons, the most important fact is that you have some on. We assume that the ladies won’t be annoyed by this condition. They surely know that stockings show their legs in the best light.

Ladies can also buy a pair of nylons at the bar in the case they forget to buy one or forget it at home. Then there will be nothing to stop you from taking part in the swingers party. As you know, the most important thing is that you feel sexy and seductive – having your faourite stockings on, it is easy to do so.

The Swingers club’s program is devided into several parts. During its course you can be looking forewad to a massages, such as Isis massage. Many will definitely be into a short tutorial on touch therapy, results of which are really great. Men fancy The most beautiful legs&stockings competition, which is no wonder. It is worth seeing. Swingers parties are undoubtly a complex, sexual thrill which everyone enjoys.

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