Massage of Penis and Testicles in Prague

The Massage of Penis – Maximum Sexual Satisfaction for all Men

Massage of penis and testicals in Prague

Massage of penis and testicals in Prague

In case you are interested in finding out some new information on handwork with a man penis, find out about new tricks and learn how to bring the massage of penis to perfection, please read further. You surely found out that the mere up and down rhythmical movements do not always provide the utmost joy to the man. As well as oral sex, the massage of penis could also be performed in many different ways where certain movements could bring the man an ultimate sexual satisfaction. The beginning of the massage is such that the woman moves down the man’s body from the head while at the same time massages and rubs his penis with her body (with her stomach and breast). Once the woman gets all the way down, she starts with the handwork.

The Course of the Massage of Penis

In order to provide more slipperiness and to protect the man from injury, it is recommended to use the lubricant gel. There are various kinds of lubricant gels that could be used for penis massage – such as the classical water-based gel, cooling gel or warming gel. Very pleasant gel is a silicon-based lubricant gel the composition of which is very pleasing. The silicon-based gel does not dry up as fast as the water-based gels and thus enables longer massage of penis with no need to additional application of more gel. At the beginning it is recommended to warm up the gel in hands in order to avoid the unpleasant cold feeling. First touches lead to the inner side of thighs and to lower abdomen. The masseuse shall first accidentally touch the penis. Later the masseuse shall start with gentle movements over the penis, she should start to pet it. Many men like the idea of their penis put in between the bosom, the masseuse shall then take the penis with her breast and gently massage the penis with the breast. Throughout the massage the masseuse shall fully perceive the reactions of the client and adjust the massage to it. Experimenting during the massage is fully in place. The masseuse shall change the grasp and pressure, the pace of the massage and change directions of excitation. According to the reactions of man, she shall see what his preferences are. The most sensitive part of the penis is its glans, the masseuse shall devote it the most of her attention. The most suitable moves are up and down gyratory movements.

The massage of the penis is followed by the massage of the testicles

The massage of the testicles is a complementary massage to the massage of the penis. The testicles are very sensitive to excitement. The massage of the testicles shall be done in a way that the masseuse takes the testicles in her hand and gently massages the testicles between her fingers. The masseuse could also scratch the testicles and go over them with her nails. The nails shall be well filed and the scratching shall be very gentle. The masseuse could also use the body of the nail that causes very pleasant and unusually pleasing feelings thanks to its hard and slippery surface. The massage of the testicles could also be accompanied by the massage of the perineum, i.e. the place where the male prostate is. The perineum shall be massaged with pressure and gyratory movements which leads towards the ecstasy. In case when the masseuse feels like it, and if the man wants, the masseuse could also massage the anus and around the anus.

The Techniques of the Penis Massage

There are many massage techniques; we will introduce some of them below. One technique is a grasp of the glans of the penis from the top in a way that the glans is held in the middle of the open palm. The fingers touch its side and massage the penis during the movements up and down. The other method is called ping pong, the masseuse plays with the penis from one hand to another as if the penis was the tennis ball. Another way is to squeeze the penis. Squeezing the penis and letting go, moving up and down and making the wrist movements is another way bringing the man a desired joy. Other forms of massage are up to the masseuse and her imagination. Spontaneity is very appreciated especially for the fact that it reacts to particular man and his needs. Should you think of any other interesting forms of massage, we would be happy to hear from you. Share your experience with us.

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