Intimate Massage Prague – Erotic Tantra Massage

Intimate Massage Prague – Massage of Penis and Massage of Testicles

Intimate massage Prague

Intimate massage Prague

As the name already says, the intimate massage Prague, or else tantra massage, focuses on the massage of the most intimate parts of body. The massage concerned does not only focus on one spot, it is a complex massage of body that mostly ends in an intimate way. It is obvious to everyone that the intimate massage includes, among the classical parts of body such as the neck, back, arms and legs, also other body parts such as the massage of penis and massage of testicles with men and massage of vagina and breast with women. This intimate massage brings to the client not only excitement, but also calming and relaxation. It brings both the entertainment as well as the tenderness. This massage could enrich any kind of sexual games and thus make your sexual life special. Intimate massage could also make a great foreplay that is followed by wonderful sex. The intimate massage uses techniques leading towards maximization of sexual excitement. The intimate massage is focused on the erogenous zones. In order to detect and massage the erogenous zones, the client has to be totally naked. Naked masseuse or masseurs make no exception. Sometimes they wear sexy erotic underwear.

Intimate Massage Prague – Are Erotic Massage Requisites. Are Massage Oils Really Suitable?

In case one would like to consider the intimate massage Prague the better experience, it is very advisable to use a variety of erotic massage requisites. The answer to the question is a sound YES, erotic massage requisites and erotic massage oils are very suitable for intimate massage. Thanks to them the erotic massage will become an exceptional sexual experience. The most frequented erotic massage requisites for intimate massage are massage mats or bets that should be in possession of every better massage salon in town. Quality massage also cannot do without the massage balls, scratching tools, massage gloves or massage heads. One could also improvise and use other things with a different original purpose for their intimate massage – such as feathers, beads and other things. Other very pleasing thing for intimate massage Prague is massage oils. Every better massage salon will offer a variety of massage oils. The massage oils differ by smell, composition, size and origin. Very often aromatherapeutical oils are used; these make a very special intimate massage, a totally new dimension of experience with intimate massage.

Techniques of Intimate Massage Prague

Like every other massage, the intimate massage Prague has its own procedures and techniques. In order to sexually stimulate the client, the masseuses use petting, rubbing, spreading of oil and slight smacking. These processes of intimate massage require massage oils. First the intimate massage pays special attention to the backbone and neck, which are the parts of body where people have nerve endings. Further the masseuse massages other parts of body. The intimate massage has its pace; there should be no hurry when the intimate massage is provided. All touches and movements shall be performed very slowly and gently. It is suitable to use both hands and focus on the body as a whole. When carrying out the intimate massage, it has become very effective to combine the massage of erogenous zones and other parts of body; this stimulates the excitement and could arouse the client a lot.

The Orgasm and the Intimate Massage Prague

The orgasm is not necessary to reach when experiencing the intimate massage Prague. Sometimes exciting touches are made only; the orgasm then is not reached. Some erotic salons though, offer the erotic massages with a so called “happy ending”, which means that the massage is carried out till the very end. During this kind of intimate massage Prague you will experience a maximum blissfulness. Every single part of your body will, after this unique experience, feel as newly born, and your mood will get 100% better. This orgasm will bring you, alongside with the whole massage experience, very beneficial feelings alongside with feelings of full excitement.

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