Aromatherapy Massage: Combination of Aromatherapy and Erotic

What is Aromatherapy Massage? What are its Benefits?

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a special kind of massage that uses natural essential oils. The massage does not only concern the professional touches of the masseur/masseuse but it also concerns the effects of essential oils. Aromatherapy massage experience lasts from one hour to hour and half depending on the kind of aromatherapy provided. Aromatherapy massage has amazing relaxing effects on the body. Aromatherapy massage makes use of one of our fastest sense, i.e. the smell. Our brain is able to process the smells really quick which causes that the aromatherapy massage effect is truly immediate. Masseur or masseuse pays attention to every single part of your body; aromatherapy massage could then also have an erotic tone. It all depends on particular massage parlour and both the masseuse/masseur and the guest. The essential oils used during the aromatherapy massage have a very quick absorbing effect; this also brings the massage parlour guest quickly in the relaxing mood. After the aromatherapy massage one should let the essential oils stay on their skin for some time in order to prolong their positive effect on our body. It is recommended to arrange your appointment at the massage parlour accordingly in order to have some time to relax after the massage, an hour or two are highly recommended. The masseur or masseuse also touches your hair during the aromatherapy massage, so you should also count on the fact that your hair will also be a bit oily. It is thus advisable not to plan any meetings after the aromatherapy massage as you may not look the way you would like to look. Some essential oils could be effective as long as eight hours after the aromatherapy massage and it is highly advisable to let the oils work for that time.

Effects of Aromatherapy Massage

The main effects of aromatherapy massage are stress relief and overall relaxation. Some touches during the aromatherapy massage could also have arousing effect, which means that the clients could feel stimulated after aromatherapy massage. Other positive effects of aromatherapy massage include better breathing, better blood circulation and oxidization of blood. These processes improve distribution of specific chemicals that mitigate certain problems such as headaches or painful joints. Aromatherapy massage has very positive effects on skin, the skin looks healthier. Other positive effect of aromatherapy massage is relaxation of muscles and improvement in lymphatic circulation. Many people enjoy the positive influence of aromatherapy massage on emotions. After the aromatherapy massage you would feel really happy. We are sociable human beings that like being touched and aromatherapy massage will surely provide that feeling to us.

Aromatherapy Massage Tools

Ideal aromatherapy massage, not only with erotic context, should be provided in an appropriate environment. The place should be peaceful and relaxing; the client of aromatherapy massage should feel well and should be pampered. Background music is crucial, too. The music shall be relaxing and pleasing. The most important tool for aromatherapy massage is the oil. The base of all aromatherapy oils is high quality extra virgin olive oil. Other frequently used oils for aromatherapy massage are almond oils, coconut oils or macadamia oils. The oils mentioned have high contents of beneficial substances such as minerals and vitamins that enhance the effect of aromatherapy massage. Other fundamental components are aromatic etherised oils. These oils are added to pre-heated vegetable oils, and then the mixture makes amazing aromatherapy massage oil. Majority of aromatherapy masseurs and masseuses make their own massage mixtures combining several kinds of etherised oils. Every oil has its own therapeutic characteristics. It is very important to tell your masseur or masseuse what problems you have and how should the massage help. Some aromatherapy oils could also awake the erotic desire, fight the insomnia or lower the stress. All in all, a good aromatherapy massage could help you with many different problems.

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