Open wellness party soon! Come on 10/1/13 to Swingers club Prague 1!

swingers-praha-wellness-partySwingers parties in Prague is the best in the field or erotics and sex in Prague. Therefore, Swingers club Prague 1 tries to make every party a great fun for the visitors. As soon as on 1st October 2013 you can be looking foreward to a popular swigers party called Open wellness party where everyone is welcomed – men, women, couples, threesomes,… The main attraction is, as you already expect, a whirlpool bath where you can just relax and sip on your favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails, or enjoy something more steamy. The room you have the use of is much bigger than you’d think. There are comfy rooms to use, a dancing floor a bar, a torture chamber, and showers. You can occupy each square centimetre of the club. If you come between 19.00 amd 20.00 you don’t have to pay any entrance fee.We are sure that especially the newbies to the club will favor this. Having a look around, they can decide whether they’ll enjoy the party untill the end or whether they’ll leave. Make no fuss over the decision to stay in, no one won’t force you into anything and the you are the only one to set the scenario. After 20.00 the fee is charged. To be a single lady coming to the club is still an advantage – the lowest price of All inclusive ticket! Instead of paying 1000 CZK like single men, they’ll pay 100 CZK. The entrance fee for couples is 1200 CZK. and 2200 CZK for a threesome (couple+man). The non all inclusive ticket is cheaper since it does not include any refreshments. The fee for single men, and couples is 500 CZK, a threesome gets in for 1000 CZK.

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