Nuru Massage Prague – Exciting Body to Body Experience

What is a Nuru Massage Prague?

Nuru Massage Prague

Nuru Massage Prague

Erotic massages are performed in many different ways one of which is a Nuru Massage. Nuru Massage is a special kind of massage with its origins in Asia, in Japan in particular. In Asia, this kind of massage, very often also called a Nuru Massage, is very popular. At present, the Nuru Massages experience their boom and are becoming famous worldwide. In the Czech Republic, this kind of massages has also become very fashionable. You can experience this kind of massage in many different places both in Prague and nationwide. The massage also has another term – a body-slide massage. The literal meaning of this fully corresponds to reality. The Nuru Massage is indeed very slippery. Japanese language points out to this fact as well since the meaning of the word “nuru” is “slippery” when translated to English. The slipperiness enhances the experience brought by Nuru Massage. The massage brings unforgettable experience and joy.

Nuru Massage Prague uses the Nuru Gel

The Nuru Gel is a base element of the Nuru Massage. There is no other gel that would work the same as this special Nuru Gel. Its unique feature is its slipperiness. The Nuru Gel originated hundreds of years ago in Japan. It is made of an interesting plant – seaweed called “nori”. This seaweed is also used for making sushi. Nuru Gel used for the Nuru Massage is colourless, with no scent. Its unique feature is that it is not sticky. Thanks to the Nuru Massage you will not only experience a great erotic massage but also a nourished skin, because the gel will treat your skin throughout the Nuru Massage and will make it nice and smooth.

How does Nuru Massage Prague Work?

First of all, like during all other massages you will take a shower that could be shared with your masseuse. The shower gets your body clean and ready to experience the best of Nuru Massage. Next step is entering the room ready for Nuru Massage, where the Nuru Massage Prague will take place. The room is equipped with a pleasant temperature and music or candles. The Nuru Gel is warmed up a bit in order to enhance its characteristic qualities. Then the Nuru Massage is performed. The masseuse or masseuses slowly apply the Nuru Gel onto your body using their hands, breast, back or feet. Later they will slowly triturate the gel all over your body to reach every single part of your body. Once the body is fully covered in Nuru Gel, the masseuse will start sliding all over you and arouse your body. This is the peak of the Nuru Massage; at this point you already start feeling really excited. Thanks to the body to body massage, many erogenous points are aroused at the same time. Nuru Massage could be complemented by hand massage stimulating your intimate parts of body – massage of penis and massage of testicles. Using the Nuru Gel will bring totally different experience to you.

Nuru Massage Prague is not only a Male Thing

Even though the majority of Nuru Massage Prague clients are men, the Nuru Massage Prague could also be enjoyed by women or couples. Nuru Massage for women is performed exactly the same way as the Nuru massage for men. The masseuse though is a bit gentler compared to the massage provided to men. Women Nuru Massage mostly focuses on intimate body parts massage. Nuru Massage for couples is also very interesting and exciting. The masseuse first focuses on one person of the couple and later on the other one. It also includes the Nuru Gel application and body to body massage. The end of the massage is up to you. You can either finish it all by yourselves or let the masseuse finish the massage… One thing is sure though, Nuru Massage is the best erotic massages could offer. So why not to choose a Nuru Massage in Prague and have first-hand experience of it?

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  1. I am looking for a good masseur to give my wife erotic assage and maybe more next week. I want to know how much it will cost and little bit about the massage and the massuer.

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