Join Alcatraz gay club and get a free drink at YOUNG, and NAKED party!

gay-klub-alcatraz-mlady-nahyGay Club Alcatraz has always something more for its visitors. The most popular parties called MLADÝ (YOUNG), and NAHÝ (NAKED) can get you a free welcome drink worth 60CZK. YOUNG party is focused on young attendats in the age of 18 – 22 and takes place every day except for Tuesdays and Saturadys. As you already assume, those who are of this age will get any drink worth up to 60 CZK. A drink for free is the best way to start a party, so,young gentlemen, don’t hesitate and come to explore Alcatraz gay club.

Those above this age will get the chance of a free drink as well. The only condition is to come naked! Following this dress code is pretty easy, you don’t need to be seeking any special costume. This party is not held on Saturdays, Happy Tuesdays, and when Naked, and Underwear parties take place.

You cannot take the advantage of being young at the Naked party in order to get a free drink but, a visit to Alcatraz Gay Club is always and exciting experience. The programs designed by Alcatraz are most amusing!

Many other gay clubs in Prague are listed on Erotic Prague, so for more details visit this site.

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