Sen and hot summer

Sex during hot days

It doesn’t have to be burning hot day to start think about how to practise erotic games on tropical summer. It is good to think in advance about it. Since as soon as the heat hits, your intierest to find up solution for this will decrease. So get ready for hot summer erotic right now.

Erotic massage may be even better experience than classical sex
When there is significant temperature growth on summer, it is good idea to interchange sex for erotic massage.

Since erotic massage is more placid and not so physically demanding, it is perfect choice. Because the hot won’t be so annoying compared to classical sex.

Moreover, you can play more at erotic massage and, you can also do experiments with cooling.

How to get cool during erotic massage

Water spray:
Water spray is one of the thing you grab in hot days to cool yourself. You just splash few times and you feel much better.

Wet towel:
Erotic massage combined with towel rinsed in cold water gets bright new dimension. The same can be said if you use wet blanket, which you use to cover you and your partner.
Ice cube:
When you involve an ice cube to cuddling, and there is over 30°C outside, your partner is going to sigh with pleasure.

Our health is too fragile
High temperatures often provoke us to cool ourselves excessively. This may, unfortunately, leads to illness, which can develop from that we are often wetting with cold water. And if we have opened window and wind is blowing on us, there are odds to become ill even higher.

Besides cold, flu or angina, more sensitive people can even get kidney difficulties.

Enjoy your summer plays to maximum, but stay cautious.

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